Weekly Cup 43 - Aussie Attack

Wed 27th Jan 2016 - 11:50am

With the newly-featured Oceanic region in the spotlight this week, it's time to jump onto an Aussie server for this weeks weekly cup! Note that this weeks weekly cup will be taking place much earlier than usual!


When is the tournament?

This tournament will be held at 3:00pm WAST (GMT+8) this Friday, the 29th of January, players should be ready 5 minutes before the allocated start time. Check here for a countdown clock.

Who can play?


Do I need to sign up?

-No, simply turn up 10 minutes before the allocated start time to play!

What format will this tournament be played in?
-All DTO weekly tournaments are played with a warmup match followed by a single elimination grand final.

-Any solo player can play in this tournament - no teams are allowed.

What are the rules for this tournament?
Our full competitive ruleset can be found here: - the main things to remember are: no teams, no intentional exploitation of known bugs, and of course, no cheating.

1st place:


3x DTO Steam keys

2nd place:

2x DTO Steam keys

3rd place:

1x DTO Steam keys

Will this tournament be streamed?
Any streamed matches will be streamed on the official Down To One Twitch channel. VODs can be found on our Youtube channel - Feel free to stream/record the tournament yourself though, we like to tweet out player-made content!




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